By descaling the cell core regularly, at regular intervals and adapted to the lime content in your water, you avoid damage to the electrolysis unit.
We recommend descaling the cell nucleus every 2 to 4 weeks, but sometimes the water is so calcareous that weekly descaling is necessary.
This only takes about 30 minutes and ensures optimum cell life.
Because if the lime is not removed sufficiently, it will accumulate under the cell causing damage to the top of the electrolysis unit, the top then breaks off.
This is visible in the bottom photo.
The yellow light will then remain lit despite the insertion of a new cell core.
By regularly checking the lime between the electrolysis unit and the cell, the risk is minimized.
This prevents costly replacement of the entire electrolysis unit with core. Prevention is better than replacement!

Electrolysis unit with top (without cell nucleus). GOOD!

Electrolysis unit without top (without cell nucleus). WRONG!

It needs to be renewed.....